Weather forecast San Vigilio di Marebbe

Weather conditions in the Dolomites

The weather today: thursday, 09 February 2023

Sunny Temp. max 4 °CTemp. min -8 °C

High pressure conditions.

Sunny weather with mostly clear sky.

High temperatures until 8° in Bozen.

The weather tomorrow: friday, 10 Februar 2023

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The mountain weather today (Dolomites)

Sunny Freezing quote: 1000 m Wind: moderate easterly

High pressure conditions.

On the mountains sunny weather with perfect visibility. Cold temperatures.

The mountain weather tomorrow (Dolomites)

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Evolution weather in South Tyrol: Mostly sunny on Friday, some clouds on Saturday

On Friday still high pressure conditions, at times a few cirrus clouds may pass through. In some valleys Föhn wind. Saturday partly sunny with some clouds from North. Sunday probably mostly sunny with some denser clouds in the North and East. Monday sunny again in the whole region.


Partly cloudy

T. max: 0 / 10 °C

T. min: -13 / -3 °C



T. max: 3 / 11 °C

T. min: -10 / -2 °C


Partly cloudy

T. max: 4 / 14 °C

T. min: -7 / -1 °C



T. max: 4 / 12 °C

T. min: -5 / 0 °C


T. max: 4 / 12 °C

T. min: -5 / 0 °C

South Tyrol weather today

Weather Map South Tyrol today

South Tyrol weather tomorrow

Update at 11:00 am

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