A terrestrial paradise called the Dolomites

A world where you can submerge yourself in fairytale-like nature

Well the Dolomites have never needed confirmation of their beauty, but in 2009 they were declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Yet another reason to value and protect them. Over millions of years they were formed into the spectacular vertical peaks which emerged from a sea called Tetide. What was once an enormous coral riff today leaves indelible impressions on visitors.

Pursue sporty activities surrounded by the shapes, colours and scents of the nature of the Dolomites. It's a unique experience which should not be missed out on as an adventure by those passionate about sports or those who love the mountains. Take a stroll along one of their high Alpine plateaus, climb one of their walls, cross one of their dense forests, observe the colours of the "Enrosadira". We know that you will fall in love with them!